The Pharos Group in South-East Asia

While Indonesia represents a huge potential market for Pharos to continue to grow, we have expanded and exported our expertise to other South-East Asian countries:

  • Singapore – we have established a biotechnology diagnostic production and R&D facilities.

  • Vietnam – a food supplement factory will be completed in 2017 and we will open and operate our first retail pharmacy in early 2017.

  • Philippines (Registration Process)

Pharos Group

Upstream Business Units
  • PT. Pharos Indonesia

  • PT. Prima Medika Laboratories

  • PT. Faratu

  • PT. Apex Pharma

Downstream Business Units
  • Century Healthcare

  • Apotek Generik

  • Avecca Beauty

Support Business Units
  • PT. Inti Utama Solusindo

  • PT. Mitra Insan Sejahtera

  • PT. Pharindo Econolab

  • PT. Prima Tax Service

  • PT. Proresult Kreasi Utama

  • PT. SGS

Marketing Food Supplement & Cosmetics Business Units
  • PT. Nutrisains

  • PT. Nutrindo Jaya Abadi

Manufacturing Systems

Our modern manufacturing systems support high and consistent product quality, improved productivity and reliability.