About Pharos

In Pursuit of Excellence

PT PHAROS INDONESIA is a major regional pharmaceutical company that develops and markets innovative products in Indonesia and other countries in South-East Asia.

The company was established on 30 September 1971 by Dr. Eddy Lembong, a visionary entrepreneur who wanted to build a modern, efficient, high quality, Indonesian pharmaceutical company….one that was equal to the world’s best. Dr. Lembong’s plan was realized early and today Pharos remains as one of Indonesia’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

Even though Indonesia (the world’s 4th most populous nation) is a huge market for Pharos, this hasn’t stopped the company from exporting its expertise and excellent products to other countries.

Pharos has manufacturing facilities in Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam and through licencing deals also markets products in the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia & Myanmar.

On June 30, 1990 Pharos became the first Indonesian company to receive certification of the local version of GMP (CPOB), confirming Pharos’ ‘no compromises’ manufacturing standards.

Currently Pharos and its subsidiaries employ more than 5,000 talent people and the Group is currently under the leadership of President Commissioner, Dr. Andre Lembong the son of Dr. Eddy.

This is the Pharos Group of Companies

Since Pharos was founded in 1971 the Company has expanded its business portfolio, so now it includes:

Upstream Business Units

Pharmaceutical, food supplement & cosmetic manufacturers
  • PT. Pharos Indonesia
  • PT. Prima Medika Laboratories
  • PT. Faratu
  • PT. Apex Pharma

Downstream Business Units

Chain pharmacy and beauty stores covering both the upper and lower market segments
  • Century Healthcare
  • Apotek Generik
  • Avecca Beauty

Support Business Units

  • PT. Inti Utama Solusindo Computer hardware solutions
  • PT. Mitra Insan Sejahtera Recruitment & HR solutions
  • PT. Pharindo Econolab Clinical & bio-equivalency test lab
  • PT. Prima Tax Service Tax consultancy
  • PT. Proresult Kreasi Utama Marketing agency
  • PT SGS Computer software company

Food Supplement & Nutraceutical Marketing Companies

  • PT. Nutrisains
  • PT. Nutrindo Jaya Abadi