Some of Our Achievements

Since 2006, Pharos Indonesia has been the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Indonesia, achieving 40% annual growth.

In 2009, based on IMS* reports, Pharos became the 4th largest Indonesian pharmaceutical company; jumping from position 12 in just 4 years.

Pharos marketing teams have forged strong relationships with major hospital groups as well as individual doctors, including specialists and this ensures strong distribution of our products. No other pharmaceutical manufacturer, nor retail pharmacy group, can compete with the strength of the Pharos-controlled network of almost 2,000 pharmacies spread across Indonesia. Pharos is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the large and fast-growing ASEAN region.

ASEAN Pharma Market Forecast

The ASEAN Pharma market is expected to top USD$26.1 billion, growth of a very health 10.6% from 2015 and the growth is expected to continue strongly in 2017, with an increase of 10% from 2016:

  • 2015 : USD$ 23.6 Billion

  • 2016 : USD$ 26.1 Billion

  • 2017 : USD$ 28.7 Billion

Indonesia's pharmaceutical market is among the top three in terms of growth in ASEAN, and is forecasted to exceed USD$ 10 billion in 2018.

Indonesia also has the highest proportion of OTC sales in ASEAN, at 40% of the pharmaceutical market, indicating the propensity of Indonesian consumers towards self-medication, according to a Frost & Sullivan report.

*IMS is an international pharmaceutical rating company.